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All of our customers already know what a fantastic experience it is coming to the Foresters Arms and we know that you are all eager to comeback! So from July 4th (no longer just Independence Day) we will be back for the following:


•     Inside the pub will be open (the bar will not be open to serve directly to customers, tables only).

•     The beer garden is fully open.

•     Outside sheltered areas have also been erected, should the Great British weather decide to play its part...


However Mr Johnson has asked us to add a few measures to ensure that we look after everyone at this time!


The Foresters Arms takes the safety and welfare of both customers and staff very seriously, so during these unprecedented times we have conducted full site risk assessment prior to our reopening.


•     Customers are asked to book in advance of coming to the Foresters Arms (including the beer garden areas).

•     Customers can only make bookings inside of a maximum of up to 6 people per table (from 2 households).

•     Customers can only make outside table bookings of a maximum of up to 6 per table.

•     Customers will only be able to receive table service and strictly no service from the bar. (To simplify this we have implemented an Website ordering system which can be downloaded to your phone) unfortunately we can’t provide the facilities to your table, so....

•     Customers will be asked to follow a one way system on site. (Simply put its entry, locate your table, have great food and drink, we’ll point you to the facilities should you need them, then back to the table for more great food and drink which we will bring to you!)

•     Customers are asked to keep children & pets on a lead, or, at least under control.

•     Customers are asked to respect social distancing for other patrons and staff inline with government advice.


•     Our team have provided simple and easy instructions on our systems.

•     Our team have provided an amazing beer garden with plenty of seating and in the pub itself have ensured all seating is observing social distance spacing. You may also notice some decorating has gone on!

•     Our team will be following hygiene and sanitising disciplines and adopting protective face masks.

•     Our team will ensure all tables and customer areas are sanitised both pre and post use.

•     Our team will continue as always to provide great service as always! And will be the fittest people in Fairwarp with all the table service

•     Our team if needed, will perform regular sun dance to ensure great weather..(although this isn’t in the contract so they may refuse)

•     Our team are just as new to this as our customers so please be patient with us and appreciate that things may be different what went before.




Our staff have been fully trained on these measures and we ask that our customers apply the following conditions and follow onsite instructions to maintain the safety of all of our customers and staff.


Primarily your enjoyment and satisfaction is our goal! But by supporting us in following these measures we are sure The Foresters Arms will remain both a great and safe experience for you and our team!


Finally, we hope you understand the need for the above measures in keeping not only customers and our team safe, but also Fairwarp as a whole...








So, you want to come to the best pub in Fairwarp!


What’s going to be different? Well, like life in general at the moment there are a few things we are going to have to accept are different, we endeavour to provide the best experience we can whilst following government guidelines and instructions, so please understand it’s not always the way we want to do it, but some of the differences to your visit are below:


Some changes to the pub:


•     We have now improved the WIFI capabilities, so if you wish to order food and drink from The International space station you now can..

•     We have erected some marquees just in case you’d prefer to dodge any small showers..

•     We now have a super modern website ordering system (and Dave isn’t fit enough to perform delivery to your house)


Planning on coming to the Foresters Arms?


•     Please book in advance, we have limited inside table space and no standing area or bar service.

•     Please follow government guidelines with regards to not attending if you are showing any of the prescribed symptoms.

•     We won’t be able to allow queuing for entry so we may stagger time slots/entry.

•     There will be no bar service, just table service.

•     Bar tabs in the garden area cannot be applied.

•     Our food menu will commence from Thursday 9th July.

•     Rest assured we have placed sanitiser stations in all areas and we have a number of measures to ensure your safety whilst with us.

•     Make sure you are prepared for a fantastic experience...


On arrival:


•     So you’ve made a great decision and you’re here! Good choice..

•     We have placed plenty of signage on what to do and where to go so please follow the instructions to allow us to ensure we don’t have build up of people.

•     Please only sit at the allocated table and please do not move or adjust the distances of the tables, they’re spaced to maintain the social distancing required.

•     Please be patient with our team and other customers, we are all in this together and it’s as new to us as it is to our customers.

•     Did we mention we have a new website ordering system? Our experience tells us you’d prefer for us to bring you your refreshments, so we have a new platform for you to order your food and drink direct to your table, so on arrival give it a go!

•     There is no bar service so please don’t go to the bar area. Penny and the team are armed with a cattle prod to ensure everyone follows this rule.


So you’ve made it to the table:


•     Please don’t move them! (We have positioned the tables to ensure social distancing rules, even if you feel safe to move closer to each other our pub can be held accountable, so please help us to follow the rules).

•     Not sure if we have mentioned it but we have a new website ordering system, give it a go, or, if you are old technology one of our team will take your orders.

•     Please let our staff come to you, no orders will be taken at the bar.

•     We have a fully stocked bar so order your favourite tipple.

•     If your eating with us condiments will be in sachets, our menu will be on paper and disposed of after use. As per Government advice..

•     Confession time... as great as our website ordering system and table service are we can’t bring the toilets to you, you are on your own there, but rest assured we have put a simple directional flow system to ensure you’ll know which direction to go and maintain social distancing. Plus a one in one out policy.

•     Whilst we are talking about the directional system, please respect the entry and exits, we know they are not the quickest route to where your going, but, they are necessary.

•     As much as some of you... again some, like helping our team by returning glasses from the garden, during these times please leave it to our team, you are required to sit back and have a great time.

•     Whilst in the outside areas please consider the local residents.


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*In accordance with current UK Government Covid-19 restrictions  will are closed till further notice.


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